those anons idk man, ur blog is perfffff


why are these people hating on you? like seriously, the people that dislike emma aren't just Taissa fans you know, I'm sure there's quite a few people that hate emma cause they just don't like her! Just ignore the anons x

Precisely. I suppose the point anon who said ‘F-off’ was trying to make in a round about way was many assume that the only reason people dislike her has to do with T, when in fact it has nothing to do with anyone but Emma herself (Which causes much confusion and dramz), but this is a T blog so it is wrong to even mention another actress which I think was anon’s main point. Thank you for your nice message. 

ETA I am now leaving the blog in the control of the other lovely and impartial moderators who will probably do a better job of running it and not create any dramas. x

i really hate how everyone on here is being so mean to you. i love your account and you are a devoted taissa fan. people need to get a life and stop worrying about other people. if you ever want to talk, im here :)

Some of the points they make do seem relevant, but they could have went about it in a less rude way but hey.

Thank you!

ETA This blog will now be maintained by the other moderators, I’m out.

I think the same that the anon before, thank god I'm not the only one. I don't think you really like taissa, because instead of wanting her grow as an actress and supporting her career choices you're always more concerned about ahs/evan/emma than in her career because you want her to be a permanent part or the cast just so you can keep on your shipping. Did it ever occur to you that perhaps she didn't wanted to return for another season? The ahs fandom is the one always ruining the taissa tag.

I’m actually insulted by these messages because I have no idea where the notion I’m not a fan of her is coming from? This blog is like four years old, and it also has several other moderators, who I will now leave to run it since I ‘suck so bad’.  Perhaps though, if you’re not happy with how a blog runs things create your own taissa blog. 

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Don't listen to them. I love your blog! Keep posting. Xoxo
bullshit, your tumblr is great xx
"your source for everything relating to taissa farmiga" this is the biggest lie in history. you are always bashing emma roberts, you never actually post the latest news (and if you do it's like a week later) and you are the one who is always starting drama by posting stuff against emma roberts. no wonder why outstanding people think taissa fans are rude and are hating on emma roberts. literally fuck off and leave. your blog isn't as good as it used to be.

Huh? Calling someone rude and then proceeding to say ‘fuck off’ is a little ironic. Mentioning not liking a domestic abuser isn’t ‘bashing’(my friend met her so there is more to it) we (I) haven’t made any posts about Emma or tagged her? And there isn’t that much news to post, but we always post it as soon as we can but we have real lives.

also, luckily the majority of Taissa fans who message us here are nothing but polite so its wrong to label them as one thing.
hey there sweet taissa. my name is adam 26 im in love with you in american horror story. like to keep in touch with you.

we are not taissa