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More happy love . More happy , happy love.

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I feel like the idea of reliving moments we qualify as “the best times” sounds better than it is. I am guilty of reminiscing and dying for the chance to be able to go back to a time that brings smiles to my face and butterflies to my stomach. But then I think about it, and what if you go back and end up discovering the imperfections of the moment? Then that special cherished occasion is tainted. Too difficult of a decision. I think we’re lucky to have our memories. —Taissa Farmiga (via nauticalnausicaa)


Taissa Farmiga | The Bling Ring Premiere

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Evan Peters & Taissa Farmiga at the Golden Globes 2012.

I like how Evan is holding a beer while he’s walking behind Taissa! Lol!

I love how he’s trying hard not to step on the back of her dress…

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Anonymous: "evan didnt use a body double for that scene, itwas just a rumor. And if it was a body double then they would of used the same clothing and hair color. In most TV shows they have stand ins to check how the shot will look before the actors come out, you can see the girl actually might not be tai. Every scene he does with taissa you can CLEARLY see its him, someone is just creating drama and it's not true, he was never 'too' uncomfortable to act with her so he hired someone, that's just ridiculous"

That seems most logical, dear anon! I’ve no idea who was childish enough to spread such a rumour but they got what they clearly wanted (drama), and its known from the industry there is stand ins for hair/lighting tests but as you said, in all the scenes its clearly their faces. So everyone has overreacted here, I just wish the original rumour spreader would admit and apologise.

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Anonymous: "A picture created chaos xD"

Wouldn’t be the first time, eh!

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Anonymous: "is there a source or proof that Evan had a body double? Somehow I find it hard to believe, you can see his face in most of the scenes with them two and Id find it hard to believe that the directors would let him do that. Sorry just seems too unlikely to be true :/"

I agree with you on this, his face and hers were visible in most? It feels like something someone planted online to create this outrage and drama, but have to admit in line with past (insulting) comments he’s made towards her its hard to tell.

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