I'm in love with your blog omg

Thank you!

She's 20! she still looks underage though hahha which is a great think I guess.

I think it’s more to do with make up/hair choices, wouldn’t say she looks underage.

Many other people in the public eye would look much younger if you take away their make up/daily fashion shoots etc and most do. (T never really wears much make up irl)

She rings like a bell through the night and wouldn’t you love to love her?


Taissa looked so beautiful and grown up at this event.


Happy 20th birthday to this beautiful babe. Any guy/girl would be lucky to have you!

I feel like the idea of reliving moments we qualify as “the best times” sounds better than it is. I am guilty of reminiscing and dying for the chance to be able to go back to a time that brings smiles to my face.and butterflies to my stomach. But then I think about it, and what if you go back end up discovering the imperfections of the moment? Then that special cherished occasion is tainted. I think we’re lucky to have our memories.


heres the original